Design Patterns

We have a professional design and R&D team to design different styles of cup  based on various scenes in life and measured data. Under the premise of ensuring convenience and high quality, we must also achieve novel styles and advanced technology.

Design patterns
Design patterns

3D Mold

Once the design drawings are finalized, we will immediately make 3D molds to bring our ideas into reality. The icy data immediately turns into an image of the real thing, and we are further testing whether it can bring more convenience and fashion to our lives.

3 d mold production

Make Mould

After the 3D mold test, our factory began to make stainless steel raw materials into stainless steel mould on machine tools.then we can put the mould in our production line to make a finished product.

Make mould
Make mould


Before mass production, we conduct various tests to ensure the maturity and stability of the final product. We will focus on testing the thermal insulation performance, dishwasher safe and the pressure bearing capacity;

test (1)
test (2)
test (5)
test (6)
test (3)