2021 Christmas Holiday Market Fancy Tumbler Glitter, GITD, UV & Music Function Hits

2021 Christmas holiday will start from 24th-25th December, citizen already started to prepare for festival gift, decoration, food and holiday theme craft. Many smart dealer sourced their raw material earlier of December, ready for new year back up. Tumbler cup market so it is same conditions. From October, company sales revenue continuously over than 200 million US Dollars each month, it is hopefully over than 250 million US Dollars in December. Market developed so prosperous, it is owe to company has researched many new and fancy tumblers.

Glitters - painting glitters powder on the tumblers for the first layer, and paint second layer sublimation coat in higher temperature circumstances, make sure it sparkle under the sunshine, as well as sublimated well
GITD - it means glow in the dark, after it absorb light, glows in the dark, very fancy in the party.
UV - color changing in the sunshine, magic tumbler cups, when it expose in the ultraviolet light, it will change color as we wanted.
Music function - tumbler screwed speaker bottoms, it can play music with wireless connection, and pick up phone. Importantly, it is adding atmosphere on holiday party.

People loved that so much, gives more creation idea for new year holiday. 'Tons of orders coming in from November.' says one of crafter 'Thanks to these fancy tumblers, or I won't take so many orders.'








My company still devoted to new product research and development, hopefully will release more desired tumblers, push market's development and all distributors stand steady

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