Power Limit

The country has in the past struggled to balance electricity supplies with demand, which has often left many of China's provinces at risk of power outages.

During times of peak power consumption in the summer and winter the problem becomes particularly acute.

But this year a number of factors have come together to make the issue especially serious.

As the world starts to reopen after the pandemic, demand for Chinese goods is surging and the factories making them need a lot more power.

China’s nationwide power crunch has caused drastic electricity cuts. Factories across the country have shifted to reduced schedules or been asked to halt operations, slowing a supply chain already strained by shippingblockages due to coronavirus outbreaks. The crisis had been building through the summer

Many businesses have been affected by power cuts as electricity has been rationed in several provinces and regions.

Companies in major manufacturing areas have been called on to reduce energy usage during periods of peak demand or limit the number of days that they operate.

Globally, the outages could affect supply chains, especially towards the end-of-the-year shopping season.

Since economies have reopened, retailers around the world have already been facing widespread disruption amid a surge in demand for imports.

Now we get a notice every week telling us which days the following week that they will cut the power.

This is bound to affect our production speed,And resulting in some large orders may be delayed. As well as some price adjustments also due to the power rationing policy.

Therefore, this year is still a very difficult year for our industry, Some of our price adjustments are also influenced by objective factors.Therefore,we really hope the customer can understand that and sincerely apologize to the customer for the impact on the order.

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Post time: Oct-15-2021