Why choose Powder Coating Paint?

Powder coating is an extremely popular means of painting your tumbler with a variety of colors and finishes available. It provides a number of benefits over traditional painting methods which can enhance the value and viability of the finish in a wide range of applications. From the cost of coating to the durability and environmental impact, powder is a very effective way to provide a high quality on your tumbler.

1. Durability – In terms of the finish itself, powder coatings are known to be more durable than other coating options. During curing, the powder melts and forms long chemical chains as it gels together. As a result, the finish is more flexible than traditional paint and allows for a small amount of flex and flex as your parts vibrate and move. It is also resistant to scratches, peeling and corrosion.

2.Variety – While there are some common colors and finishes used in powder coating, one of the best assets of this method is the ability to completely customize your color and finish. We will create a one of a kind powder blend that matches any color, with the option to add texture like wrinkles or glitter, and a huge range of finishes from high gloss all the way down to matte. Custom color is available.

Powder Coatings

3. Maintenance – Lastly, powder coating is extremely easy to maintain long term. No special cleaners or solvents are needed to keep it clean. Instead, it can be wiped down with regular, soapy water and rinsed off. Since the coating is so resistant to scratching and corrosion, you won’t have to worry about rust or other damage during cleaning.

DSY Can Meet All Your Powder-Coating Needs
At DSY, our factory has the most advanced powder coating equipment and machinery, and we know how to powder coat all types of water bottles to any specification. Different surface treatments have different characteristics, and we can choose the way that best suits the bottle design and market needs.

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Post time: Apr-01-2022